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DVNR 4x4

Robert Festa asked:
>Anyone having problems with the DVNR 4X4 with Advanced Noise Reduction.

Your symptoms would indicate the media type switch is in "still" mode when
the smearing occurs, however we have not seen the DUI slip the DVNR 4x4 into
this mode unexpectedly, and it's been running for better than 6 months here.

Also, I'm surprised that a setting of 3 & 3 would smear much of anything,
even intentionally.  

The only problems I've encountered with the 4x4 have been actual hardware
faults, including bad power supply, FXO clock jitter, etc. but the DUI
interface seems solid unless something is broken in the beta 1.6 you may be

If it happens again Bob, just bill at a higher rate.  The problem will soon
go away.