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I read with interest Mr. Ball's comments on the new "SPIRIT" that will
debut at NAB and our current quadra which was described as being flat
and video like.

I believe he may (with respect to the flat look comment) be forming his
opinion on early FDL-60 & FDL-90 telecines which did in some cases
exhibit these conditions.   However with the present 4X4 quadra this is
not the case.  This is quite evident as CineFilm in Atlanta has just recently
installed their second quadra and are having excellent results against
other traditional systems.  I believe they would be quite honest in
providing him their opinion should he wish to call them.

I would welcome Mr. Ball's attendance and request for tests or
comparisons at NAB.   We will have on the booth four (4) highly qualified,
independent colorists to choose from should he not be able to find


Charlie Morganti
Product Manager - Telecine
Philips Broadcast Television Systems Company