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>Anyone having problems with the DVNR 4X4 with Advanced Noise Reduction.
>Under DUI control, the unit slips into days of high smearing

I'd actually like to open the same question to the group about the MNR11.
We may be operating it under a somewhat unique situation.  We operate the 
MNR11 with a Colorvision Copernicus color corrector in a telecine, not tape 
to tape situation.  After our last software update to correct a pulldown 
problem, the dirt suppression mode seems to engage itself even when not 
dialed in.  In other words, it acts as if the settings drift up during the 
course of a session from zero to 5, 6 or 7db even when the indicators read 
zero.  You can detect the effect by the artifacts that show up, like digital 
smearing, in rapidly moving objects or camera moves.

The effect is canceled out by turning up then back down the settings while 
in overmix.  Anyone have a similar set-up or irregularity? - Mystery guest, 
sign in please.  Thanks.

And special kudos to Rob for the NAB hot sheet and post-event debriefing.

CB Gaines
Monaco Video
San Francisco, CA