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16/9: anamorphic & letter box

About 16/9 anamorphic and/or letter boxed transfers, Iokorodudu wrote:

> We do not do both transfers at the same time.  We would do the lettered 
> version afterwards via a Snell and Willcox converter, 
> offsetting the time code at the start of the edit.

>P.S British Beef is safe to eat 

The new Aaton Sorter-III reads 3lineVITC (with Keycode and Audio TC) from 
the 16/9 anamorphic master and reinsert it (with selectable delay to 
compensate for the S&W one) 
into the letter boxed copies made for dailies and for Avid/Lightworks 
At the same time it makes FleX or ATL lists with clean in/outs extracted 
the transfer data base.
It also helps you dub-sync the audio tape at this stage, which ends up 
with sync-sound 
dailies (immediate sound on the very first frame of  each take) with no 
of telecine occupation time.


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