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SMPTE NY Meeting 4/10

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     07-Apr-96  15:28:09
 Sb: SMPTE NY Meeting 4/10
 Fm: Rich Torpey - ITS 72456.1217
 To: All

SMPTE NY Section Meeting

Making consistently Better Film And Video At The Camera And Display:
An Engineering Approach

Date: Wednesday 4/10/1996

Location:NBC Studio 8H
         30 Rockefeller Plaza (Studio elevators)

Time: 5:30p Refreshments
      6:00p Program Start

Presenters: David Corley, DSC Laboratories
            Fred Benedikt, Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
            Dan Desmet, Barco Industries

   We've heard it all before - a new plant, perhaps all digital - and the 
clients still complain about the pictures. Cameras do not match, neither do 
the monitors. What to do?
   Come to the April SMPTE Meeting for some answers!
   At the camera end, Messrs. Corley and Benedikt will explain how 
standardized test procedures using precision OSGs ensure consistent video 
from your cameras. We will have a highend studio camera where you can see for 
yourself how it is actually done.
   At the display end, Dan Desmet will present his suggestions for repeatable 
monitor alignment and viewing conditions according to SMPTE recommended 
practice. Dan is a recognized authority in obtaining the best from your 
   This will be very much a hands on meeting, not just a lecture.

   As always, all are welcome - you do not need to be a member to attend.

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