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new product announcements, etc.

I have been a bit swamped with marketing efforts and announcements of
new products that are aimed at this list, and am wondering about my
policy of allowing new product announcements, because I could easily
make this a fulltime job, editing the marketing stuff I'm sent, and
then sending it out to the subscribers.  For now, new product
announcements are OK as long as they are informational in nature and
not advertising, so it's best to screen them first by emailing them to
me.  The very informal NAB telecine gear guide will be out in its
'final' form in the next couple of days... this mailinglist is open to
manufacturers and their representatives, whose participation is
valuable, but 'marketing' to the group is not allowed.

The entire mailing list digest was sent out to the 550+ subscribers to
the group mistakenly this week by a subscriber, this is one of the
consequences of keeping the group open and unmoderated, so just hit
the delete key when you see this giant message in your mailbox (a
couple of messages ago).  Took me a while to re-edit and conform the
archives so a bunch of phantom repeat messages didn't appear on the

Thanks to the people who have sent contribution checks to me --they
are credited on the webpage, prominently.


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