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NAB/ITS RGB Color Space Discussion

Please excuse me if this is a repeat message.

To anyone making a living going in and out of RGB color space.

The ITS (International Teleproduction Society) is hosting several panel
discussions at the NAB.  One of the panel discussions will focus on the
problems with color space conversions between RGB and CCIR601 video.
Several key manufactures will be represented on the panel, expressing
viewpoints and presenting possible solutions to this problem.

Currently the people commited to appearing on the panel are as follows:

Scott Pritchett -       Silicon Graphics Inc.
Eric Peters -           Avid
M.C. Patel -            Discreet Logic/Slate & Cage
Joel Gibson -           AtLightSpeed
Andy Sackheim -         daVinci Systems
Richard Torpey -        NBC Broadcast Creative Services
Phil Mendelson -        Hollywood Digital

The panel discussion is scheduled to take place at 2:00 PM Saturday, April
13th at the Convention Center in room N111.

If you would like to read a discription of this panel discussion or any of
the other panels being hosted by the ITS at NAB, visit the NAB website at:


Anyone with a full NAB conference badge may attend.
ITS members who have not purchased a full NAB conference badge, may attend
by purchasing a Saturday only badge for $175, or a Saturday/Sunday badge
for $200.
For further info please contact Sandra Schultz at NAB (ph 202-429-5346).

I hope some of you might be able to attend, the panelists will be giving
short presentations and then taking questions/comments from the floor.


                                                Mike Weaver
                                                Skyview Film & Video
                                                weav at skyview.com