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re: Kscope n xfer

Rob wrote:
>Over the past couple of years, I've had a few clients request the use
>of the GVG Kaleidoscope in telecine.  I haven't, until now, considered
>actually dragging the box into the transfer bay

That is actually what you would have to do-drag it into the suite, along
with a local power supply and comm cable, possibly on a wheeled cart.
Route source and destination, and then figure out how to drive it.  
Hopefully, you'll have some set up time prior to the session beginning.  It
doesn't seem very elegant...and it isn't.  
> I believe in one
>case it was to be used for a kind of soft-clip blowout-whites effect,
>and in another to do selective defocus.

In the former, I have not tried this, (perhaps I have and don't remember).
In the latter, I've seen a better job done optically with clever use of a
switcher wipe, DDR, and "selectively" defocusing the optical gate, and
recording a defocus pass;this works well with a locked off shot,
particularly if it is pin reg, (the order is wrong but you get the idea).

It depends on what the end effect, or fix is, and how much time you want to
spend doing it (i.e. what's budgeted).  

The Kscope, as good a machine as it is, tends to make the pix look a little
artificial after the treatment.  Kind of like Clairol after a couple of
weeks, and it's difficult to use.  

In my opinion, perhaps the best method is to keep the Kscope in the edit bay
and fix it in post!