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kscope in xfer

   We had used a K'scope in the transfer suite on occasion. Usually the 
client wanted a selective defocus of part of the image, like softening the 
lines in a models face, while leaving the rest of the image sharp. A less 
frequent use is for keying or image manipulation. It's also useful on 
non-4:4:4 Ursas when doing 30fps transfers - flip the image in the Ursa to 
get a larger scan patch then use the K'scope to right the image.
   Now whether this is an efficient use of resources is open to question - I 
always prefer to keep material from the transfer session clean and do the 
manipulations ( except for the most straight forward ) in the modern edit 
suite.There are also less expensive ways to flip an image than tying up a 
K'scope. But, when a client wants something I'd prefer to be the one to give 
it to them than have the guy down the street take care of my former client.
                                                Rich Torpey