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kscope in xfer

>>Over the past couple of years, I've had a few clients request
>>the use of the GVG Kaleidoscope in telecine.  I haven't, until
>>now, considered actually dragging the box into the transfer
>>bay.  I believe in one case it was to be used for a kind of
>>soft-clip blowout-whites effect, and in another to do selective

>>Would someone like to educate me a little on this subject,
>>regarding its merits or lack thereof, for telecine?

Hi Rob 

Another late night at the keyboard. Please excuse any errors created. The use of
Kscope within the London community is a normal event for Commercials and promos.
When I was with VTR we needed something to give highlight compression and
desaturation similar to what could be done with Da Vinci (early 90's). At the
time Kscope was more available to telecine than a mixer (try stopping a edit
suite!!). What I required to do was to have a selective (luminance) non additive
mix to produce this end result.

                                          After some experimentation it was
found that if the "secondary" image was defocused and the size of it altered the
highlights could be softened, this is somewhat different to an overall defocus
more like putting a Promist in front of the TK lens but with much greater
control over the image.

                                          I agree this process can be done "in
post" but you do need control over the initial levels and especially gamma as
they change the final image dramatically, also trying to tell the D.O.P and
director etc that they have to wait until the final stage to set the look I can
tell you does not wash well.

                                          So my recommendation would be to buy a
spare panel and install it in your darkened room, under your control no doubt
will get a lot of use when the clients Know what it can do. the only down side
really is yet another box in the area and more tweaking. Remember that you still
have the main output available to record just think.

 More time taken grading duplex record Kscope=more revenue!           

Peter Makosz (G8DZC)

Vidfilm (Europe)