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Back from week end and happy to see that discussions about Spirit has
gone far,there is not a lot to say any more since Steve Russel and JJ
Dowdell have given all details.

Most scanning jobs are done 2kx2k, and HD gives you a very good
monitoring,this is why BTS believes their solution is very future safe
even though a High Def or High Res standard has not been choosen yet.
Both Pogle and Renaissance can control Spirit, but I do not know if
both will control Spirit on BTS booth.

Do not worry about FDL 60 or BTS look, this is the past, we have done
in Germany extensive tests and comparisons with other telecines, and
there is a lot to talk about. I have been using Ursa and Ursa Gold for
6 years at Duran and Duboi in high end post production. I will be on
BTS booth and happy to exchange opinions.

--- End of forwarded message from "Jean Clement Soret" <jc at duboi.imaginet.fr>