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Re: Re; Spirit & MegaDef

On April 8th Ken Robinson posted re Spirit ;
>>Some rumour of actual colorists somewhere having more than just taken a 
>>look!  So guys, own up, who has their fingers in the pie??  

On April 9th John Dowdell posted ;
>>I was one of five Colorists invited to Darmstadt, Germany, mid February,
>>for a week long Focus group on the "Spirit." We represented Germany,
>>England, France and the United States.

My colleague Tom Russell was also present at this Focus group and today
VTR issued a press release stating their acquisition of the new  Phillips BTS
Spirit  DataCine. The fully DataSpec machine will be controlled by a Pogle,
running the SGI based Platinum interface, with a Pandora MegaDef  for 
colour processing.

Tape House , like VTR, have been under an NDA for a long time and it has
been interesting to see the undercurrent of anticipation for this machine
on this Group. John has posted a very comprehensive review of the Spirit
and his praise is very well founded. The pictures from this machine are 
superb and the whole range of it's outputs can be further processed in the
MegaDef. This can be likened to a Resolution Independent DCP, with all
of the ESR options, which works in real time and at the Spirit / Hippi
real time rate for data transfers.

This means that we can grade at HDTV level, on large format HDTV monitors
so as to accurately see the signal processing, while the dedicated hardware
will process data at up to 4K. Grading at such levels is necessary if the true 
"experience" of the image is to be communicated to clients as the Spirit will
allow Directors & DP's to see the telecine image as far more relevant to the
projection image. The exported data files may well contain the final release
colorimetry with a level of precession that is unobtainable at present. The 
recent "Yuri Neyman" thread springs to mind so I offer this as a personal
view point only.

The combination of Spirit with a scalable, networkable colour processor
has many implications and it will be interesting to see the views of those
who attend NAB. We can be certain though that the launch of Spirit heralds
a new era for the telecine process.

Looking forward to seeing you at NAB,

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd. London.