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Re: Re: kscope in xfer

On Apr 10, 17:43, "Seamus O'Kane" wrote:
} Subject: Re:   Re: kscope in xfer

> Hi Rob
> The Kscope look has been very popular here for a good few years now,
> initially in music promos but increasingly now in commercial spots.

Thanks Seamus, Rich, et al, for giving me some good background on how
the Kscope is being used in other venues.  

I've tried to avoid using it lo these many years because of the
engineering/cabling/consoling issues, and it was my perception that it
was used --at least here in LA-- mostly for music videos, but recently
I've had more than one client request it for commercial transfers.  

> There are a lot of not so hot looking Rock Stars out there, men included,
> who have looked 10 years younger after grading via Kscope and it is

I can think of several who no doubt would love to have it in line
during interviews as well.


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