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Re:Pandora's ESR

	I have seen the long awaited Pandora's ESR, with multiple windowing
among other things, do not miss this at NAB, what I saw promises good fights
with DaVinci for the benefit of all of us.
	About MegaDef color corrector Seamus O'Kane mentioned, think that if
this has the possibilities of DCP+ESR in combination with Spirit, a complete
revolution is going to happen: we will be able to grade entire movies and
transfer them in data, then shoot them back on film. (Management graphics has
something new about that, much faster). Lab color timing is going to disappear,
colorists will do that job. What we need and does not exist yet is a big
datarecorder to store all this data, the D6 based datarecorder (165Mo/s) could
resurrect soon or maybe something else will come out, in any case some
interresting discussions about this subject beetween BTS, Toshiba, and
potential buyers of Spirit will happen.
	All the best. JC