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Cleaning nitrate

I'v been cleaning nitrate steadily now for a client I see twice a week and
havn't had a problem yet.
There is a drying tower on the cleaner but no buffer rollers. (The spongie big
rollers that actually touch [and could scratch], film)
Just be sure on the rewind bench that the film isn't sticky in any way. This
can be obvious by observing the film stick to it self.   
Once a roll of film was cleaned and I only discovered  decomposure after
xfering the reel and obseving my PTR rollers which retained a sticky residue.  
Hence the suggestion to check your PTR rollers after each reel. 
If at all possible a safety stripe is prefferable. But you just can't beat the
look/clearity & detail of an orig. nitrate you'll find it can be nice to look
at. (Given correct exposure.)

PS. if you open the film cans and the film is in a liquid state get it out of
the shop ASAP. 
Also its good practice if your going to store nitrate over night to dedicate a
gun vault or closed area CLEARLY marked **NITRATE** 

If the Unibomber is already set up in his cell with TV , Computer & Modem and
reading this, Don't even think about it pal.