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Re: Cutting down front surface mirrors?????

> Date:          Fri, 12 Apr 1996 05:26:45 +0000
> From:          Optimus Engineering <optimus3 at ix.netcom.com>
> Organization:  Optimus Inc.
> To:            telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
> Subject:       Cutting down front surface mirrors?????

> I just had a front surface mirror re-surfaced at a shop that's by my 
> house in Skokie, Ill, and was informed by them that a lot of people
> with Ranks are getting the front surface mirrors CUT TO A SMALLER SIZE 

   When doing a slide transfers on any Ranks that I have seen, 
there is  a bright area on the right side of the output picture. 
This is caused by the mirror being too short to reflect the light
up to the burn cell.  If you take out the mirror, you will notice 
there is some extra glass on the top and bottom that if removed 
allows the mirror to be moved down.  I had probably the same place
as in your posting cut down this edge on one of my mirrors.  It did 
allow more light to reach the burn cell but there was still some 
bright area on the right side of the picture.  I then removed the 
metal bracket in front of the tube that stops the mirror from moving
down.  To do slide jobs now, we just push the mirror down about 1/4 inch 
and that's enough to get rid of the burn problem.  If you move it too 
far there will be a fall off of light now on the left.  Also, if 
moved too far it will pop out of the spring loaded holders.  Just use 
a little care and you can position the mirror perfectly to be able to 
burn correct the entire slide image edge to edge.

 David Warner   Crawford Communications