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Question for San Francisco colorists

Hi folks,
     First, I hope I'm not out of line here, but I plan on travelling 
to SF shortly to visit my parents and I was wondering if any of the 
colorists out there might be willing to show a backwoods 
Philadelphian driving a Mark III / Classic DaVinci (i.e., analog 
Renaissance) some of the nifty features available in your suites.  
I'll be in town Monday the 29th (as well as the preceding weekend) so 
I realize it's a narrow schedule.  However, if any of you have some 
time that day I'd love to see an URSA or a DUI or whatever.  
     Thanks for the bandwidth!  Sorry for the clutter for you non SF 
folks, but this seemed like the best way to reach the most people in 
the area easily...