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Re: Ecta and Kodachrome

On Mar 29, 19:52 Brad Carrot wrote:
> I'm a commercials director working in Kuala Lumpur where info
>  is hard to find.  I have two questions you may be able to help
>  me with:  is 16mm Kodachrome (daylight 50 asa) still available
>  if so where can I get it, & where can it be processed?  Also has
>  anybody seen 7250 or 7240 that has been processed through a 
>  neg bath on a chain?  =8A 
>  may all your tubes be blemish free.

Dear Brad,  16mm Kodachrome 25 (not 50) is available in most Europe =
cities and can be processed in Lausanne/Switzerland only.
Just have a look at the new generation 100 ISO Ektachrome films being =
now introduced by Kodak for amateur and professional 35mm still =
photographers: these films have such a high resolution and +/- 2 =
stops under-over exposure tolerance that they would be perfect high =
def. replacements for Kodachrome 25 and for old technology 7240/7239 =
VNF films which are low res. & grainy and almost impossible to get  =
processed because of ecological reasons.  
Being developped in the  universal E6 chemicals, 16mm Ektachrome =
could be processed either in the 16mm 30 meter long spirals made by =
Jobo in Germany or in the many continuous E6 35mm processors spread =
around the world.
The bad news is: Kodak is not delivering these films in the 16mm =
gauge (35mm only),  perhaps you should try to gather enough reversal =
film afficionados around you, to place a sufficiently large order for =
EK to deliver this dream film to 16mm dedicated filmmakers.

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