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A vote of thanks


I am sorry I never found you at NAB, but I wanted to tell you 
about the influence you had on the Flame news group!

The telecine user group is often mentioned as you may know, as
an example of how to do things.

Recently the general user discussion got around to how we should
push DL to make a number of improvements to Flame. As a 
result of copying you, Omnicon offer to put up a Flame user group
page separate from the (then unfinished) DL web site. 

To cut a long story short, over 60 leading International Flame
artists from compaines such as Sony imageworks, R&H, DD, Rushes
the Mill, the Tape House, etc all suggested and then voted on 151 product
improvements. By the time we got to Las Vegas we were able to hand
over a set of piroitized improvements to Flame.  (each point had a pop
up menu between 1 and 10,- so everyone rated each idea and then the
totals gave the relative ranking or importance of the idea).
DL could not believe it and put 50 engineers on for 2 months to 
implement the list - starting at the top and working down.

I would also like to add that this was a group effort started by
Sheena at Sony Imageworks and involving the efforts of 60 people....

In 3 months we should have a new release of the software with
nearly all the dumb and painful problems we live with daily fixed.

So there you have it - I hope you will accept my thanks and those
of the many others for your web innovation and inspiration,
(innovation that is now coming full circle).

If there is anything we can ever do for telecine news or you personally
please just ask, thanks again

Mike Seymour                  "In the future everyone will be famous
Digital F/X Omnicon                               for 15 Megabytes"
Our URL : http://www.omnicon.com.au

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