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Help wanted in Madrid

I just received a letter in the regular mail from Madrid, Spain, and
would like to ask all the manufacturers represented in this group to
contact the gentleman who wrote it.  I'm not sure if there is email
capability, however, I would appreciate it if whoever does contact
Sr. Olmos would include the internet address of this group, and of
the webpage.  The letter follows:


					Juan Jose Fuentetaja Olmos
					C/Julia Mediavilla, 40
					28018 Madrid, Spain

Mr. Rob Lingelbach
2660 Hollyridge Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068  (USA)

					Madrid, 15 April 1996

Dear Sir:

	We are a group of sound and image engineers that are
researching about the different telecines.  We are comparing the
quality and characteristics of the differents products.

	We are insteresting to know your news about telecines.

	Yours sincerely, 

		Juan Jose Fuentetaja Olmos

----end letter----
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