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	My impressions on Spirit in HD and SD are that it looked very nice, I
brought some neg of mine and I was able to get that high contrasty look like
ektachrome, with nice white clipping, a lot of gamma and black crushed, I got
easily what I wanted because I had so much range. I think that on the HD Spirit
the monitor was badly set up, maybe this is why some of you found a flat look.
I compared the SD output of Spirit and new Ursa,( David Fenton is going to kill
me for that), I put the same piece of neg on the Rank and I felt that I could
not get the same result unless I had DCP or DVI primaries to help and the Ursa
was noisier, everyone agrees that Rank improved S/N ratio on their Ursas and
one machine was quieter mostly in blue channel, the secondaries processing is
better as well (no more solarization when using luminance). I do not think
there is anything revolutionnary about the new Ursa. Dave, I hope I am still
you best friend in Paris.

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