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        Ron Martin and I got to spend several mostly undisturbed hours
putting film on the Spirit Sunday afternoon before the show opened. 
Thanks go to Kim and Steve and Charlie and JD III for that. I would 
love to share what we saw as the pros and cons of the machine with the 
group, but we haven't had a chance to share with the Philips people 
yet, so I hope the group will understand if we prefer that they get it 
from us before seeing it here. I will say a couple of things. There is 
no doubt in our minds that the SDC 2000 is a real machine, not a 
research beast. I also have to say that ever since the boys and girls 
at Kodak showed our friends at BTS how to put their feet on the path of 
optical enlightenment, I wouldn't say I thought I saw a "CCD" look 
either. As to what we did see, more later.

                            MCA HiDef