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RE: Spirit and Cintel (NAB debriefing)

--- Forwarded mail from "CHANDLER COONFIELD" <DOCTORPEPPER at msn.com>

My observation of the Spirit was that high def never looked so good in
such poor viewing conditons.Reflective light can really wash a picture
out.As far as the 525 pictures,I dont think it will hold up.The image
lacks depth and detail in the highlights.Or was it the IP I saw
displayed?  As far as the new technology displayed at Rank goes,ecpect
more.Even without PEC control the range was incredible with every type
of film.Tube "grain" was undetectable even with the blacks at 15-20
IRE.I tried to make the blue vector noisy and could not.Someone told
me that the picture looked flat but I think that was the result of too
much reflective light as in the Spirit booth.  Overall,the pics
weren't a lot better than the gold,but they sure were quite and
clean.I cant wait for the next step!
Randy Coonfield----------