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        I would have to say from viewing the Spirit (even in the adverse NAB
show conditons) that the CCD telecine approach shows great potential.  It
was the best CCD picture I have seen yet.  However, when we saw it on Monday
morning, we did notice some "missing bits" type of artifacts on the HD
telecine. This may have been fixed later, as our group learned that the
machine did have a minor "break".  For the most part, the 525 telecine
looked promising also. The remaining noise on both machines appeared to be
mostly film grain. I think the optical refinements directed by Kodak are a
big step in the right direction.
        The major bad point about the system is the price. If the base price
of the 525/625 version was similar to the Quadra or Ursa Gold, I believe a
lot of Spirts could be sold.  Until  Spirit becomes cost effective, if
vertical aliasing artifacts are a big concern, perhaps a Turbo II with
Clearview is the best approach.
        Meanwhile, where are you Sony?  Where are you hiding your killer,
reasonably priced, pin registered telecine? ;-) 

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video