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Re: RE>Re: Spirit and Cintel (NAB debriefing)

> I noticed no difference whatsoever.
> The part in my opinion is replaced due to premature failures on the old 
component. Oscillating etc
> If this part is defective you will of cause notice an improvement.
> This is not really a "tune up" mod.
> cheers
> Paul Grace . Rushes London

This is exactly what I thought.  So not having seen the URSA on the stand at 
NAB, I wonder if Rank re calculated the numbers on the A-D cards and got the 
noise down that way, which is what the Video Engineering Hush kit does.  
I've fitted it here and it's working extremely well.  No noise on still 
frames, better detail and the ability to actually use the NR to reduce 
grain.  The contour control is much better as well. The Clients down here 
like it a great deal.

Ken Robinson
Buenos Aires