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re: Sony monitors

>  From: Craig Nichols <craign at earthlink.net>, on 4/24/96 2:45 PM:
>  I must congratulate Sony on their response concerning their Evergreen
>  monitor problems.  They have improved the clock feeding the shaft encoders
>  so that the control response is now much better.  Also, the channel
>  switching is now about 1 second instead of 3 seconds.  The software upgrade
>  is done via PCMCIA card, and takes about 5 minutes.  It does not disturb
>  user set white balance settings, or user front panel settings.  There are
>  also internally test signals for monitor set up as well (including full
>  screen pluge).  It is also rumored that it will auto set up with a Minolta
>  probe, though I have not seen this yet. I must thank Lee Dodson, and Bill
>  Little for their prompt attention.
>  Craig Nichols
>  Todd-AO Video

I did see the Minolta stuff working...it's awsome.  Tell it what parameters you
want it matched to, hit go, and it tweaks itself until the Minolta is right on.
This is the FIRST auto-setup I've seen on a Sony monitor that  actually works,
but I'm still uncertain whether it'll let you pump in your own test signals. (I
think it may use it's own internal flat field.....if so, this was a BIG problem
with their original auto setup.....that flat field was actually WAY too hot).
I think they've overcompensated with the shaft encoders.  While the latency is
not a problem, they seem to either go too much or too little.  When turned
slowly, the resolution is SO fine that I still found it almost impossible to
get where I wanted to go.   Not quite there. 

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