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Ursa vs. Spirit

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Fellow Colorists,
  I spent quite a bit of time on the two Ursa Gold's
at the NAB this year. Compared to last year I think
the Gold has gotten much quieter. They were beautiful. 
  I did think the Ursa Gold "New Technology" was
a bit quieter (especially in the blue channel) than the
other Gold and yes the Rank engineers were very 
tight lipped about what the difference was.
  The distinct difference was no PEC control which
is something I feel they will have to resolve as not many
colorists are comfortable with this idea. The notion that
one PEC settting will give you all the range you need
for neg, ip or pos is a bit hard to swallow.
  I briefly saw the Spirit HD and 525 and was quite impressed.
They looked very good. It appears Phillips got over the stumbling
block of being able to change upstream color in stop
and it didn't really look "flat" to me although I would like to
spend some time on one.
  Sitting in the Rank booth I heard a varying degree of 
opinions about the Ursa vs Spirit and I realized how
subjective the issue always will be.
  Phillips still has some hurdles to cross by proving how
they actually perform in the field and are they economically
  Rank, I believe (and if they're smart) is somewhat
threatened by the Spirit. Competition is what helps
us all be the best colorists we can be and competition
among manufacturers will help to give us the best tools
to do our jobs.

Thanks (I feel better now)

Rich Montez-colorist
Complete Post Inc.
Hollywood, Ca

I'll sleep when I'm dead

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