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SMPTE NY May Meeting

SMPTE NYC Section Meeting

Topic: NAB Wrapup

Location: Museum of Television & Radio

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 1996

Time: 6:30p Refreshments
      7:00p Program Start

Speaker: Mark Schubin, Technological Consultant

   Why, in what's supposed to be the age of tapeless recording, is Sony 
introducing four new tape formats this year? Why is a Sphere better than a 
Cube? is there really a 150:1 zoom lens? How about a microphone so selective 
that it can be pointed like a flashlight? Is there a PCMCIA card for laptop 
computers allowing on-line non-linear editing with three-hour capacity? What 
about the combination softlight/refrigerator?
   Whatever was or wasn't shown at the annual NAB equipment exhibition, Mark 
Shubin claims to have seen it all-for 24 years. Join him as he once again 
provides his personal insights into a show so big that this year, for the 
first time, buses were required to get people from some exhiits to others. As 
always, no questions are off limits.

note: The use of the Museum's facilities does not constitute endorsement by 
the Museum of any views expressed during the event.

   As always - all are welcome. You need not be a member to attend.