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daVinci classes

--- Forwarded mail from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>

da Vinci is scheduling our next colorist and engineering training 
classes.  Both basic- and advanced-level courses are available.  These 
classes will cover every aspect in the operation and maintenance of the 
Renaissance 8:8:8 and the da Vinci User Interface.

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Engineering instructor: Craig Fearing
Colorist instructor:  Kevin Shaw

Engineering Class	June 17-21

Colorist Level I	June 24-26

Lab day I		June 27

Colorist Level II	June 28-30

Lab day II		June 31

For registration information, please contact:
Rose Tedesco
Phone: 954-484-8100, ext. 205
Fax: 954-486-7936 or
Peter Glassberg
Phone: 203-740-8503
Fax:  203-775-4285

--- End of forwarded message from Joe Moore <joem at davsys.com>