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Op Amps/Hush kit

> We have evaluated the op-amps here at The Mill along with the Hush kit and
> noticed similar improvements using both solutions. Both result in 
> decreased noise and that general background activity noticeable on 
> still-frame neg.

Steve, I am surprised that you found a difference with the new Op Amps.  My 
information was the same as Paul Graces, in that it would make a difference 
if the orignal was faulty.  I don't remember seeing any problems on your 
machine when I last saw it.

> The hush kit has the side efect of altering the behaviour of the
> individual colour channels which may take a bit of getting used to - I'm 
> sure Ken can explain this more fully, I'm only an engineer.

Now after five weeks of continuos operation, I have found really that there 
is no discernable difference.  There might be the slight possibility that 
the colorgrade channels in the telecine tend to react more like a MK 3.  I 
find that the improvement is so vast that this is all minor.

What I would like to know chaps, is whether Rank has made a significant 
change in another area which needs evaluation either on top of the Hush Kit 
or instead of......   Seamus, what did you see?  I presume you were 
demonstrating on a new type Gold.

Buenos Aires

BTW, if anyone ever visits here I recommend them bringing a crash helmet and 
a micrometer.  The micrometer to measure the distance between cars on the 
Freeway, and the crash helmet to feel more comfortable about it all!!