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re: Brake Solenoid for URSA

>  From: "Dave Corbitt" <dc at mte.com>, on 4/25/96 2:38 PM:
>                        Subject:                              Time:  2:38 PM
>    OFFICE MEMO         Brake Solenoid for URSA               Date:  4/25/96
>  Does anyone know of an alternate source for URSA type brake solenoids?  Rank
>  has just quoted $748 for a new one!!!  It looks to be about $30 worth of 
>  Ledex
>  parts.
>  Dave Corbitt

Just a thought....I don't know about this specific solenoid (whether it's
"custom" or not, but Ledex is in Ohio somewhere, and in years past I have
managed to get stuff from them direct.  should be mondo cheapo......

  Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com
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