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re: Ursa Gold "New Technology"

> --- Forwarded mail from Screenwrmr at aol.com
>  I did think the Ursa Gold "New Technology" was
> a bit quieter (especially in the blue channel) than the
> other Gold

YES!  That's the first thing I noticed.

> and yes the Rank engineers were very 
> tight lipped about what the difference was.
>  The distinct difference was no PEC control which
> is something I feel they will have to resolve as not many
> colorists are comfortable with this idea

The logical assumption is that there are no PEC's.  I am assuming (no one at
Rank is talking) the the PEC was replaced by some other pick up device.  One
good guess would be a CCD array with all elements summed.  Who knows, but
time will tell.