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re: Sony monitors

>>  Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com wrote:
>I did see the Minolta stuff working...it's awsome.  Tell it what parameters you
>want it matched to, hit go, and it tweaks itself until the Minolta is right on.
>This is the FIRST auto-setup I've seen on a Sony monitor that  actually works,

All I need is the back ordered cable. I hope auto set up works with Minolta
works, because while Sony did make great gains in making the shaft encoders
more bearable, they still could be much better. 

>I think they've overcompensated with the shaft encoders.  While the latency is
>not a problem, they seem to either go too much or too little.  When turned
>slowly, the resolution is SO fine that I still found it almost impossible to
>get where I wanted to go.   Not quite there. 
I am glad to see they did finally make SOME attempt, however.  I'd still
like feedback saying that my setups were stored.  SONY, how about version
1.03 or 1.04. PLEASEEEEE!!!

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video