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HiRes1440 Telecine Upgrade System

Re:	HR1440 Telecine Upgrade System

As a salesman for Preferred Video Products, I would like to respond to
Christopher Bacons comments about the performance of the Advanced Video
Designs HR1440 Telecine Upgrade System.  

Preferred Video Products represents AVD in a sales capacity.  SInce Dave
Schnuelle, the president of Advanced Video Designs, is currently out of the
country, I will comment for him.

We agree that it is quite difficult to carefully evaluate a telecine on the
floor at the NAB show. However, this issue applies to all other products that
require accurate testing and viewing.  Since it is also difficult to ship out a
telecine to NY for first hand testing at an NY facility, we would like to invite
Christopher Bacon, or someone of his choice, and another telecine engineer or
colorists from another facility to come out to LA for a thorough evaluation of
the HR1440.  A controlled environment with known film footage would provide an
opportunity to compare the HR1440 against any other telecine.

In the meantime, I have attached the HR1440 published specifications for review
and comparison against other telecine specs.

Additionally, here are a few points reflecting our views on telecine
1. We strive to implement any electrical, mechanical, or optical improvement
that enhances the performance of the machine.  This is an ongoing process.  Most
of the current improvements have been developed over many years of testing and
evaluation and have proven out as viable and clearly beneficial.  Over the next
three months we will bring out improvements that serve to enhance the
performance even further.  
2. Our next generation frame store will be available in August and will offer
more refinements and features. 
3. We are addressing signal-to-noise improvements with better circuitry,
horizontal and vertical downconversion, and an excellent external 8:4:4 noise
reduction system from Digital Vision.  Subsequently we are achieving very quiet
4x4 and 4:2:2 10 bit outputs. 

Regarding noise in the monitor at the NAB show...  for various reasons, we were
changing the current on the tube from 150 uamps to 300 uamps.  Subsequently, the
 electronic noise you witnessed on the bridge monitors may have been generated
as a result of a less than optimum setting.  

We hope you will take advantage of our offer to visit so you can make proper
evaluation of the HR1400.  Please call me concerning arrangements: 800-566-6544.
(Alternately, I will call you next week.)

I hope the above proves useful.  We do not wish to skirt your issues.  However,
we do think our upgrade package provides an outstanding picture that is
certainly far above a Turbo II.

Doug Leighton

Ps:  Other telecines do not have an either an 8:4:4 or 8:8:8 output to support
the advantages of wide screen (or potentially SGI) applications.  This is just
one of many new performance features that the HR1440 offers.



16 frames per second to 30 frames per second (nominal) in 64 increments
	with Rank Cintel Varispeed Servo
12 frames per second to 40 frames per second  (nomimal) in 1,225 increments
	with Digital Servo (Metaspeed) [available 3rd quarter 1996] 
Multiples of the above speeds available between -30 frames per second and 
	90 frames per second with Digital Servo (Metaspeed)

Better than 0.025% of film frame height
Better than 0.075% of film frame height with sound loop
Better than 0.10% of film frame height with sound loop and scantrack
	above specifications with Digital Servo (Metaspeed)

Digital Deflection or Rank Cintel XY Zoom available 
Thick faceplate, seven inch, high resolution CRT with magnetic screen
Negligible x-ray radiation

Better than +/- 0.1% of face plate diameter with Digital Deflection

Less than 10ns with Digital Deflection

4:2:2 outputs
Not more than 1dB down at 400 lines in picture center
6dB down at 500 lines in picture center
8:4:4 outputs
Not more than 3dB down at 600 lines in picture center
Above measured with D.E.L. resolution test film after afterglow correction

Overall less than 2% of peak white with gamma at 0.4
Differential less than 2%
Precision waveform generator with S correction

Wide band burn cell and amplifier
Correction adjusted to null CRT grain
Shading and Burn Correction are in true multiplier operation

Overall less than 2% of peak white with gamma at 0.4
Correction Differential less than 2%

Red	Better than 47dB
Green	Better than 50dB
Blue	Better than 46dB

Red	Better than 44dB
Green	Better than 47dB
Blue	Better than 43dB
Measured with ND1 in the gate, gamma at 0.4, beam current at 300ua,
the ratio being 700mv divided by the RMS noise voltage

Better than 50dB down

The above specifications are based on a Rank Cintel Mark IIIC chassis, and are 
subject to change without notice or obligation.   Revised April 4, 1996

HR1440 is a trademark of Advanced Video Designs, Inc.