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Re: Op Amps/Hush kit / another view

On 25/4/96 Ken Robinson posted

>What I would like to know chaps, is whether Rank has made a significant 
>change in another area which needs evaluation either on top of the Hush Kit 
>or instead of......   Seamus, what did you see?  I presume you were 
>demonstrating on a new type Gold.

Ken I seemed to have missed your dialogue with Steve at The Mill but from
your posting I get some idea of the discussion. At NAB we did not have a 
Gold, new or otherwise, on the Pandora booth but were using a combination
of Quadra and tape / disc drives to show the Platinum and ESR.

>From the comments made by visitors it would have taken a SWAT team
to get a "New Technology" Gold from the Rank booth and even then if we
had told anyone what it did we probably would have to hold their children
hostage until its a buyable product!!!!

For the record  we have been very pleased with the Hush Kits but we are using
them in conjunction with the Rank mods to the A to D's. These mods did 
improve the signal on both machines in that they reduced the visible
PEC level dependent  "contour", which could be readily seen  with the
original spec boards,  but this reduction did not cure the problem. The Hush
Kit though did cure it , not least because you can now match the A to D's
to the film type and density, and gave a major improvement to the noise
ratio. The pictures are now radically improved on the original spec.

I know that the Hush Kit alone seems to do most of this but the
improvements from the Rank mods are worth having and we did test
all combinations on both machines. In terms of operation it may be
strange at first but quickly becomes familiar especially if most grading
is carried out downstream of the Rank.

Seamus O'Kane
VTR. London---------------currently in a hotel in Hollywood with a sunburnt face