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product announcement

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TWiGi from Innovation TK.

	The most significant improvement in URSA picture quality was
not at N.A.B. TWiGi is a complete ground up redesign of URSA A to
D's. The old two step flash technology has been replaced by some
techniques new to telecine, namely oversampling and analogue gamma
pre-emphasis. The results are so stunning that you would know if you
had seen an URSA with TWiGi. At time of writing there is only one
installed TWiGi in the world, at Soho 601, London.

	Picture quality improvements fall into two categories. Firstly
a quantum leap in noise performance. By this, make no mistake, we are
not talking about a 2 to 1 improvements, we are looking at better than
10 to 1 improvement in noise levels.

 	The second major improvement in quality is to do with pulse or
step response and is achieved by the same two techniques. Oversampling
allows superior digital filtering. Other advantages of oversampling
are well known, but maybe less obvious is the effect of analogue gamma
pre-emphasis. If A to D conversion and filtering are done in the
linear domain, any noise or other performance limitations are
stretched by the URSA's digital gamma correction. Other performance
limitations of A to D conversion systems include dynamic non linearity
( producing contouring effects ) and filter ringing. By gamma
correcting the signals before the A to D conversion none of these
adverse effects are unduly amplified later on in the digital

	The effect of the almost complete lack of ringing is
substantially sharper pictures, even through the resolution measures
the same !

	For a quick reference here are some of the advantages the
TWiGi product Huge gains in noise performance.

Step response - startling improvements in clarity, especially
advantageous for croma key work.

Better alias performance.

Simple to fit. Just replace URSA A to D's with TWiGi A to D's.

No analogue adjustments, apart from the normal afterglow adjustments,
in fact twenty-one trimmers have gone.

TWiGi does compromise any other performance parameters of the existing
telecine.  It incorporates a scan rate test signal generator with a
variety of test signals available including a 0 - 16MHz sweep.

	TWiGi also includes all the circuitry necessary to do full
bandwidth afterglow corrected R.G.B. tube grain and blemish
correction. This will also eliminate run / still colour and level
differences and other tube lag effects.
 For further information on TWiGi contact Innovation TK on voice 01992 
553533 or fax 01992 558979.

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