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24 frame recorders/sync gens

Any of you engineering types in the group have any experience with sync
generators modified to output 24 frame signals instead of 30, and the
recorders with which they were used?

Seems to me I remember a long time ago seeing both the ancient 900 series
Grass and the SPG-100 series Leitch sync gens with 24 frame mods for
specialty applications.  If I remember correctly, the Leitch had a small
piggyback card with a couple of TTL chips and a bypass switch mounted onto
the vertical timing card.

I need some technical info for a project which will combine film and video,
and any leads, hints, reminisces etc. would be appreciated.  Also, it would
be just heavenly if any of you actually had one of these modified dinosaur
sync gens in the back room under that pile of old switcher cables (or at
least a schematic of the Leitch mod).

Please respond by mail to bob at bluescreen.com, as this topic is of little or
no interest to the group as a whole.

And if you're well versed in the subject and are interested in doing a
small amount of paid freelance consulting (via email, phone and fax) on the
project, do let me know.