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Re: 24 fps recorders/sync gens

26/04/96 Bob Kertesz posted

>Any of you engineering types in the group have any experience with sync
>generators modified to output 24 frame signals instead of 30, and the
>recorders with which they were used?
>I need some technical info for a project which will combine film and video,
>and any leads, hints, reminisces etc. would be appreciated. 
> (.......)
In our film camera color video-assists (that we built) we currently offer 
a 24fps position
generating a 651 line PAL compatible signal which can be monitored on 
any multistandard color monitor. 
This give us a better vertical definition, and no flicker due to the 
shutter of the 24fps running
film camera.
So, for the 24 sync generator  we should be able to help you,  but like 
you, we are looking
for a simple VTR modification to record this signal.
Any hints ?

>Please respond by mail to bob at bluescreen.com, as this topic is of little or
>no interest to the group as a whole.
I don't think the 24fps topic is of no interest to the group: just 
imagine a telecine working 
the way our video-assist does 
It will deliver a 24 fps 651 line PAL signal, resulting in simple two 
field digitisation
into nonlinear editing machines with no traces of  3:2 pulldown 
no more A frame headaches, and higher vertical resolution !  
It will be a blessing to edit films in such an environment.


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