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Re: Ursa Gold "New Technology"

> --- Forwarded mail from ernie at eng1.compt.com
> >> The logical assumption is that there are no PEC's.  I am assuming (no one at
> >> Rank is talking) the the PEC was replaced by some other pick up device.  One
> I have it on good authority that they're using photo-diodes.
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> Ernie Medori
> Command Post & Transfer Corp.

	Large-area Avalanche Photo-diodes come to mind.  They've improved 
significantly in the last few years, approaching and in some cases exceeding 
the performance of PMT's.  The dark current out of these devices is still not 
quite as good as that of a PMT, but they have *much* better dynamic range, 
and don't suffer from the drift problems that the PMT's have.  Their 
bandwidth is in the neighborhood of 14MHz, so they're certainly fast enough.
	If you want to get extra fancy, you can do what the astronomers do 
and refrigerate the puppies, thereby bringing the noise level down by a 
factor of 2 or so.