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Re: 24 fps recorders/sync gens

PMJI, but if I infer correctly from this thread (I just subscribed
yesterday), it is proposed to transfer film to 24fps video for use in
frame-accurate electronic editing of film originate/film release material.
If that's what you're talking about, I might be able to provide you with
some information on this process - in 1986, I converted a telecine suite to
655/24 to generate dailies for a 24 fps Ediflex used to edit a feature film
for theatrical release.

-Andy Maltz

At 02:39 AM 4/30/96 -0400, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
>JPB writes:
>))I don't think the 24fps topic is of no interest to the group: just 
>imagine a telecine working 
>the way our video-assist does 
>It will deliver a 24 fps 651 line PAL signal, resulting in simple two 
>field digitisation
>into nonlinear editing machines with no traces of  3:2 pulldown 
>no more A frame headaches, and higher vertical resolution !  
>It will be a blessing to edit films in such an environment.((
>Very cool idea.  I was talking to Pennebaker yesterday and he was considering
>always transferring to PAL for cutting films on the AVID -- he'd cut at 25
>fps for 24 fps movies.  He loves the extra resolution of PAL.
>Me, I prefer speed accuracy...  but your idea shows promise. Plus, it's
>coupled with the best film camera....  ;-) (owner of three)
>--Jeff Kreines
>DeMott/Kreines Films
>Jeff Kreines

Andrew Maltz
Digital Media Technologies, Inc.
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