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RE>spirit datacine

>do you know if they can do ATM (max=3D600 MBit/sec). this HIPPI thing >s=
>like the wrong way

ATM is a great outside protocol.
622 ATM is fine but expensive and not available easily, also HIPPI is a r=
ecognised ANSI standard . HIPPI is 100 Meg BYTES not bits per second.
Cards and infrastructure exist off the shelf today for  SGI Onyx etc.
In future local LAN use may adopt fibre channel or similar. ATM is ideal =
for use between companies and continents (ie the outside world).
There are so many standards, HIPPI exists today and works so PHILLIPS dec=
ision to use this seems sound for today. We could argue for years on netw=
orking standards.

>what do they want so sell the thing for ? I haven't seen any prices ...

Prices will vary around the world (local agents cost's etc) so you will n=
eed to get a quote. Figures around $1.5 million have been mentioned at NA=
B by a Philips person. I think this is a little over the true cost. It is=
 not for me to quote prices via the internet, please speak with Philips a=
nd get your order in early!!.

PS- No answer to my mail from Philips or the companies that are purchasin=
g the Spirit.................?????

Cheers Jeremy