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RE>Re: RE>spirit datacine

>i was thinking of the case (and this must be pretty routine) where your
>telecine sits some distance away from the ONYX (like 50 metres of cablin=
g or
>so). I'm not sure whether HIPPI can work at this distance

Yes it can, although a parallel interface via copper, a serial configurat=
ion is also available through fibre.

   * Speeds: 800 Mbit/s and 1.6 Gbit/s
   * Cabling: 50-pair STP, singlemode and multimode fiber
   * Distance: 50 meters point to point over copper. Cascaded switches ca=
     be extended 200 meters over copper; 300 meters over multimode fiber;=
     kilometers over single-mode fiber
   * Connection time: Less than 1 microsecond for dedicated connection
   * Latency: 160 nanoseconds on average

I think it would not be practical to tie up an Onyx for a telecine transf=
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