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Re: 9.5 mm film

To the best of my knowlege, the only facility that has the capability to 
deal with 9.5 as well as 28mm in North 
America is the National Archives of Canada. I am not sure that they have 
a telecine capability but I do know that they have optical printers that 
have been 
specially designed to deal with these two formats and can make dup. negs 
in 16 or 35 from them.  In this particular area, I recommend that you
Contact Bill O'Farrell at

wofarrell at ARCHIVES.CA

He may be of help.

Jim Lindner

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Julius Friede wrote:

> Does anyone know where (if?) 9.5mm film (with a single sprocket hole in the
> middle of the frame line) transferred? Even if you know of a projector in
> existence, that would be a help.
> TIA,
> Julius
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