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Panasonic Monitors

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:41 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Panasonic Monitors                    Date:  5/3/96

Are we the only facility in the world having any problems with the AT-H1905DP 
"Broadcast" monitors?  We have two monitors with digital zits when using the
serial inputs. Two are now showing noise in the whites when video goes towards
100 IRE.  In addition, when the monitors are setup with the Panasonic probe,
the numbers displayed when checked with a Minolta Color analyzer don't
correspond to CIE specifications, although the color temperature of the
display is correct.  If the monitors are setup with the Minolta, the picture
comes out warm.  I know that the Minolta is correct, because all of our Sony
monitors setup properly with the same device.  I remember Dave Corbitt
speaking very highly of these monitors some months ago, and we are considering
the purchase of several more of these same monitors.  

Larry Barth
larry.barth at vta.com