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Re: Panasonic Monitors

Larry Barth wrote:

>Are we the only facility in the world having any problems with the AT-H1905DP 
>"Broadcast" monitors?  
> when the monitors are setup with the Panasonic probe,
>the numbers displayed when checked with a Minolta Color analyzer don't
>correspond to CIE specifications, although the color temperature of the
>display is correct.  If the monitors are setup with the Minolta, the picture
>comes out warm.  I know that the Minolta is correct, because all of our Sony
>monitors setup properly with the same device. 

Are you using the RGB, or CIE mode on the Minolta?  The RGB mode MUST be
properly setup and calibrated for each phosphor/CRT type (i.e. Sony
Broadcast, Panasonic, etc.) or it will not be accurate.  Just a thought......
If you are in CIE mode and it doesn't match that's another story.......

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