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re: Panasonic ATH1905 displays

Larry Barth wrote:
>"Broadcast" monitors?  We have two monitors with digital zits when using the
>serial inputs.

As well, we are considering this display for the future and I'm interested
in your opinions.  No one in the group has made any negative comments about
this monitor until now.  We are sceduled to evaluate the ATH later this
month, side-by-side with the 1911.  We use the Philips analyzer, by the way.

Perhaps your "zits" are due to deserialzer recovery errors.  Check to see
what chip set is being used in this path.  It might be the common Sony or
Gennum variety, or it might be a custom ASIC.  Anyway, if a swappage is
possible, do this.

>the numbers displayed when checked with a Minolta Color analyzer don't
>correspond to CIE specifications, although the color temperature of the
>display is correct.

As for the difference 'tween color temps and CIE numbers, are you using an
external signal to do the check or the displays internal window?  We use a
custom signal we created for use on all dipalys.  Doing this ignores any
differences 'tween any two monitors' (of different make) internal signal.
We use a 100% white window of approx. 65% screen area surrounded by a black
mask, hopefully operating the CRT in its most linear range.    But still,
not all phosphors respond the same from mfr. to mfr., not all masks are the
same, even the front glass transmission characteristics.

Do both of your ATH monitors show warm when set to .313/.329/30?