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Re:spirit datacine

	Paul Grace and Jeremy Hatting talked about Spirit data option. I would
like to suggest to anybody who is interested in data output of Spirit to get in
touch with Essential Communications (they were at NAB next to S.Graphics), they
had some stuff to show as: serial Hippi interface card for Indigo2, Hippi
switch, Hippi media interconnect card. These are some pieces of the puzzle
around Datacine. I am not promoting anything, I only want to share with you the
result of my researches during NAB as I spent most of my time looking for
pieces of the puzzle.
	Yes Hippi is expensive, but if you can afford a 1 million $ datacine,
why not Hippi ? From what I know the data option of Spirit will come with an
internal RAM that the scan will feed while you empty it at the other end up to
100 MB/s. Pogle will be able to take care of that. This solution allows you to
go faster and faster as much as technology downstream evolves. I have heard
also that some developpements in tape data recorders are going on. I agree that
Spirit comes a bit early considering the possibilities to handle so much data
today, but the reason why Philips has already sold a few Spirits is because the
concept is right. I think also that 1K postproduction is on its way now,I
believe the demand for that will increase with a Spirit, because scanning and
grading are fast.

	Regards, Jean-Clement

Telecine manager/colorist at Duboi,Paris

Essential Communications:
info at esscom.com