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daVinci V1.6.3

As you may remember...last week I asked the masses what the response was to
daVinci release V1.6.  I received a few personal reponses that were
uniformly positive, but you may recall, I was having file access problems
with my integrated TLC. Lo and behold, the highlight of my morning was a
phone call from Gary Adams at daVinci / TLC wanting to know how many back
flips it would take to address this issue and make me happy. Needless to
say, a few shared moments with DUI wizard Mark Thompson, a couple of simple
UNIX file ownership commands, and I was on my way. All this from a simple

I hate to gush, but my investment in the Telecine Internet Group has just
paid for itself.

Thanks again Gary and Mark.

Bob Festa                                   Festa at earthlink.net
Director of Telecine                        Festa at holydig.com
Hollywood Digital                           213 465 0101
6690 Sunset Blvd  Hollywood, Ca 90028