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RE:	Copy of: Air cleanliness

Clean rooms are classified 1/2/3/4/ e.t.c. where class 1 would be a major
hospital operating theatre. You will obviously require a much lower
classification than this. Lots of information is available on the above  as it
is big business they have their own magazine ,trade shows e.t.c. would suggest
that in the first instance you contact:
CleanRooms International Magazine
900 Haddon Ave
Suite 326
NJ 08108
Fax No. 1-609-858-2007

Getting hold of a copy of this magazine will give you access to experts ,
equipment suppliers, filtering information, air handling and recirculation
systems and much more.
Federal standard 209E covers particle counting and testing. 
Cleanliness in telecine areas is very important and over the past few years many
facilities have switched on to this. Years ago the telecine suite was often used
as a short cut to get to VTR or the Machine Room  by everyone and his dog but
now people realise that most of the dirt around is produced or brought in by
humans so telecine is off limits to everyone except the colourist, occasionally
an engineer and the customer. 
If you have no luck from the detail supplied give me a mailing address and I
will send you some information.
Eddie Heywood
Telecine Services Mgr
Rank Brimar