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[TIG] Re: Sony Evergreen Monitors

At 12:53 PM 5/9/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Yesterday I have received two BVM 20F1U monitors and both of them have
>impurity problems on the CRT. 
I had to return one for the same reason.  There was a silver dollar sized
dark spot on the right hand side towards the middle. A degaussing coil did
not remove it.  We had another one with a less visable spot that was removed
by degaussing with an external coil.  I heard an unconfirmed rumor that a
janitor at Sony QC may have gotten too close with a motorized floor polisher
to a stack of monitors waiting to be boxed for shipment. 
The software is improving.  The control resolution is much better in version
1.02F1.  There are fewer "dead zones" in the control range. You can also set
presets without having menus on the screen. In the next update they
hopefully will add some conformation that you have actually stored something
after adjustment.
There are still minor gradiations barely visable in a gray field on any of
our 20F monitors. This is acknowledged to be a design flaw, and is awaiting
I have used the Minolta CA-100 analyzer for the automated adjustments, and
it works very well.  I am still waiting for an answer on how to calibrate
the internal white and gray field with the Minolta.  I would like them to
match known good signals coming from a Snell & Wilcox TPG21 digital
generator. No one at Sony appears to have a service manual yet. 

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video